Building an ADA Compliant Bathroom

An ADA compliant bathroom is one the chief considerations when constructing a facility that is open to the public. But standards can be confusing even to long-time business owners. If you are unsure, check the American with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) to determine if a planned or existing bathroom meets the requirements.

Inspect all the bathrooms in your building and take measurements to find out if you need to make changes. Some owners consult with contractors, legal professionals and ADA experts to make sure that everything is as it should be.

An ADA compliant bathroom has many benefits for business owners. When everyone can access your facilities, it attracts more customers. ADA compliant bathrooms support cleanliness standards and help prevent disease transmission. Compliance can also mean more savings due to less complaints or potential lawsuits.

ADA Bathroom Layout

ADA compliant bathroom guidelines are for single and multiple use bathrooms.

Single User

There must be a 30” x 48” clear space to access the sink, measured from where an individual has a 9-inch vertical clearance for the feet and about 27-inch clearance for the knees. The door can’t swing into this space. The toilet seat must be 17 to 19 inches high. The centerline of the toilet must be from 16 and 18 inches from the sidewall and 50 inches of space near the rear wall to help wheelchairs turn. The space also allows unobstructed access and protects the person in the wheelchair.

Multiple Users

Multi-user bathrooms follow the same ADA guidelines with additional requirements for stalls, doors and sinks. The sink should be at a maximum of 34 inches from the floor with knee clearance 27 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 11 to 25 inches deep. Clear floor space and insulated pipes must be underneath the sink.

Faucets can be automatic (electronic), push, touch or lever operated and usable with one hand without needing to grasp tightly or twist the wrist. A person shouldn’t have to use more than 5 pounds of force to use the faucet.

Urinals must be stall-type or wall-hung at a maximum of 17 inches from the floor, while water closets must be 17 to 19 inches from the floor (from the floor to the top of the toilet seat). Again, flush valves shouldn’t require users to pinch, grasp tightly, or twist the wrist.

Grab bars should be at least 36 inches long on the rear wall or 42 inches on the side wall and mounted 33 to 36 inches above the floor. The grip surface must be least 1.25 inches, mounted at least 1.5 inches from the wall. The bars must be able to withstand at least 250 pounds of pressure.

ADA Compliant Bathroom Fixtures from Aqua Design

Line 6 Faucet

The ADA compliant Line 6 faucet is touch free and comes with anti-vandal features to save water, help washrooms stay cleaner, and prevent cross contamination. Suited for deck-mounted installations, the faucet is automatically activated when the user brings their hands within the sensor range and shuts off when the user removes their hands or after being used for 90 seconds.

The sensor range, security time and delay in/delay out can be adjusted by remote control or manually to further improve accessibility. The sensor is powered by an external mounted 9-volt battery/transformer and has antivandal features. The Line 6 lets you choose your power source (dual power with battery or a transformer with automatic battery backup), choose sensor settings, and adjust the flow and stream angle of the water to avoid splashing.

LAV8 Single Use Lavatory

The LAV8 complies with ADA for clearance if installed at 34 inches rim height. Made of a one piece 18-gauge stainless steel with no welds, no overflow and a 1.25 inches integral strainer, the lavatory ensures rapid water draining and reduced buildup of dirt and bacteria. The bowl is supported by two welded heavy-duty integral support brackets and can hold two gallons. The integral backsplash measures 1.5 inches and the apron measures 2.37 inches. Any ADA-compliant AquaDesign sensor-operated faucet can be fitted to the LAV8 for ease of use.

To learn more, visit our ADA compliant bathroom fixtures page or contact us today.