Contactless Thermometer and Hand Sanitizer

As establishments begin to reopen in the post-pandemic world, owners and managers must meet new hygiene standards to reduce the risk of infection and re-infection. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends the use of at least 60 percent alcohol-based sanitizer if soap, water or washroom facilities are not available.

While frequent handwashing is still the best way to prevent the spread of infections and reduce your chances of getting sick, sometimes there’s no available bathroom when you’re in a public place. Or you need to clean your hands right away after visiting loved ones at a hospital or nursing home. The next best thing is using hand sanitizer.

For business owners, providing a contactless thermometer and hand sanitizer in your facility especially in entrances and exits can go a long away in ensuring the safety of your staff and patrons.  Hand sanitizer units are portable and easy to maintain.

Reducing Infection Risk in Public and Commercial Establishments with Contactless Thermometer and Hand Sanitizer

Building and restroom design before the pandemic didn’t really focus on infection control, unless the facility had to maintain strict hygiene standards by law such as hospitals, nursing homes, food preparation facilities, and behavioral healthcare settings.

Now more than ever, business owners and managers have a legal responsibility to keep their staff and customers safe. Establishments can introduce and spread infection in many ways. The access points in your building deserve particular attention because this is where people enter and leave. Other danger zones are areas where people tend to congregate, including restrooms and washrooms.

Washrooms and restrooms are perfect breeding grounds for harmful micro-organisms due to the humid environment. No matter how strictly you adhere to cleaning schedules, it’s very easy to spread infection from touching doorknobs, faucet handles, toilet flush levers and the like.

To prevent disease transmission as much as possible:

Keep surfaces clean and dry. Coronavirus is often transmitted through person-to-person contact. You can get sick if you inhale respiratory droplets from an infected person or touch surfaces that they have touched. Clean and disinfect common areas and washrooms regularly to prevent this. Don’t forget to clean handles, taps, flushes and levers. Mop and dry the floors thoroughly to prevent standing water from pooling and attracting germs.

Install touch-free bathroom fixtures. Install hands-free sensor fixtures like electronic faucets, toilets, soap dispensers, and hand dryers. If you can’t install touch-free devices, post signs telling people to use paper towels to turn faucets on and off, when flushing toilets and when opening or closing doors.

Choose durable, high-quality materials. Choose high-quality solid surface materials that prevent dirt, mold and bacteria from accumulating. Solid surface materials have no grooves or pockets for germs to hide in.

Ensure social distancing in your facility. Place markers in aisles, registers, common areas and access points so people know where and how far away to stand from each other.

Encourage hand hygiene. Many establishments are required to check and record the temperatures of everyone who enters the building. Install contactless temperature scanners with built-in hand sanitizers in access points to make contact tracing easier and keep hands clean.

AquaDesign Contactless Thermometer and Hand Sanitizer

Contactless thermometer and hand sanitizer units can make temperature monitoring in your establishment simple and safe. AquaDesign’s HSD20 thermometer and hand sanitizer is completely hands-free and combines temperature scanning and hand sanitizing features in one device.

The device does not require personnel to get close to people to scan their temperature or spray their hands with sanitizer. Temperature monitoring is done safely at a distance and ensures that your customers’ hands are clean before they enter the establishment.

When a higher than normal reading is recorded, the HSD20 flashes a red LED light. This indicates that further action is needed. A repeat reading by a healthcare professional may be necessary to diagnose illness.

Our contactless thermometer and hand sanitizer unit is easy to maintain. The hand sanitizer container (1L capacity) is large enough to hold 1330 shots of sanitizer (0.75 ml per shot) before needing to be refilled.

Contactless Thermometer and Hand Sanitizer

Features and Benefits

Hands-free operation. Touch-free operation avoids contact and reduces risk of infection.
Alarm for abnormal readings. Flashing lights alert you to abnormal temperature readings.
Wall-mounted design. The unit is easily attached to any wall or mounted on a tripod for flexibility.
Large-capacity soap dispenser. The hand sanitizer dispenser (sold separately) can hold a liter of liquid with 1330 shots per container. Easy to refill.
Accurate readings. The digital thermometer is accurate to about 0.36°F. Place in the operating environment 30 minutes before use. Measuring distance is 2-4 inches and measuring range is 32°F to 122°F. Working Temperature is from 50°F to 104°F (59°F-95°F recommended).

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