Electronic Soap Dispensers

Like other sensor operated bathroom fixtures, electronic soap dispensers provide many benefits to businesses and homeowners. While electronic soap dispensers tend to be more expensive than manual units, the initial investment pays for itself over time with reduced waste, improved hygiene, and improved accessibility.

Touch-free operation. Electronic soap dispensers are completely hands-free. Simply place your hands near the sensor and the outlet automatically dispenses an adequate amount of soap. Children, the elderly, and people with disabilities can wash their hands easily without needing to grip, twist or apply pressure on buttons or handles.

Save soap. Electronic soap dispensers are programmed to dispense a preset amount of soap. The amount varies and can be adjusted based on the needs of facility users. When hands leave the sensor area before the preset amount of soap is dispensed, the unit automatically shuts off to prevent waste. Auto shutoff means no drips and cleaner sinks.

Reduce cross-contamination. Touching a handle or button to turn off the dispenser reintroduces germs to your hands. Touch-free soap dispensers and faucets eliminate this problem. Electronic soap dispensers ensure hygiene even in heavy use facilities and settings with strict standards.

Maintenance of Electronic Soap Dispensers

AquaDesign electronic soap dispensers are made of chrome plated brass and synthetic materials designed for durability. The high-quality materials can stand up even to heavy abuse, with some units featuring anti-vandal and anti-theft functions. All our electronic soap dispensers come with a limited warranty for your peace of mind.

To ensure that electronic soap dispensers last a long time, regular maintenance is necessary. Daily cleaning of all surfaces with a soft brush/cloth and common household cleaners removes loose debris, grime, germs, and water stains. Water stains in chrome fixtures are caused by the natural minerals in hard water that can form crusty residues over time.

If your electronic soap dispenser won’t stop running or won’t run at all, try these basic troubleshooting tips:

Make sure the sensor eye is not covered by debris or adhesive. The same goes for the spout or outlet.
Check the soap container underneath the sink to make sure it’s full and not clogged. You may need to reset the soap dose (the amount dispensed per shot) to factory settings. This can be done with the remote control.
For combination faucet and soap dispenser units, try cleaning out the water supply strainer.
Check all connections and tighten screws.
Make sure all batteries are working if you’re using DC power or the power is out. Some units have a LED indicator that blinks to let you know that batteries need replacing.

Features and Benefits of Electronic Soap Dispensers


The Omnia combines water and soap dispensing functions into one streamlined deck mounted unit. The faucet has two sensors, one for soap and one for water, with a sensor range of 2-10 inches. The Omnia soap container has a capacity of 0.4 gallons and can easily be removed for filling. The soap dose can be set to 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 or 2 ml, which is dispensed with a high resistance anti-drip valve. Power is supplied by a 110V transformer with backup battery.

The Omnia faucet is designed to avoid soap and water dripping on the floor and creating standing water that attracts harmful microorganisms. The touch-free operation ensures that hands stay clean after washing, allowing users to spend less time in the bathroom. Ideal for use in commercial, public, and residential settings with high hygiene standards.

Line 7 Soap Dispenser

The Line 7 soap dispenser is a deck mounted dispenser that matches the Line 7 sensor faucet. Activated by infrared sensor, the soap dispenser is automatically activated when hands are placed in the detection range and stops immediately when users remove their hands. The amount of soap dispensed is preset (1.2-1.6 cc) and can be adjusted by remote control. The unit includes a 1-liter refillable soap bottle and bottle support with a peristaltic pump that prevents clogging and back flow.

Along with the Line 7 sensor faucet, the Line 7 electronic soap dispenser is fully ADA compliant to improve accessibility in your facilities. The soap dispenser features a no-drip shutoff to prevent messes and help washrooms stay clean and hygienic. The faucet and soap dispenser create a hands-free environment that greatly reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Ideal for public and commercial restrooms.

Line 8 Soap Dispenser

The Line 8 electronic soap dispenser is a deck mounted unit with a modern and streamlined design ideal for commercial, corporate and public settings. The soap dispenser is completely touch free and activated by an infrared sensor. A measured amount of soap is dispensed when users place their hands in the detection area. The amount of soap, soap tank refill and temporary shutoff can be adjusted by remote control. Included in the unit is a 1-liter refillable soap bottle with a default soap dose of 1.2-1.6 cc.

The Line 8 soap dispenser is designed with a peristaltic pump that prevents clogging and back flow. This ensures dripless operation and keeps washrooms clean and organized. Combined with the ADA-compliant Line 8 faucet, the Line 7 soap dispenser improves accessibility and creates an automated, germ-free environment. The modern design complements any theme and makes it ideal for installation in corporate and commercial washrooms.

HSD20 Hand Sanitizer and Digital Temperature Scanner

The HSD20 electronic hand sanitizer and temperature scanner is an essential tool for commercial and public establishments in the post-COVID era. With a focus on safety and infection control, the HSD20 measures body temperature automatically and displays it on the readout when users place their hands under the dispenser. A shot of hand sanitizer is dispensed simultaneously. A red flashing light indicates abnormal body temperature and more testing needed.

The HSD20 can be wall mounted or placed on a tripod for use in any setting. The hand sanitizer (sold separately) has a reservoir capacity of 1 liter with 1330 shots per container (0.75 ml per shot). Working temperature is 50°F-104°F (59°F-95°F recommended) and measuring range is 32°F-122°F.

Soap Dispenser Multifeed Kit

The electronic soap dispenser multifeed kit supplies liquid soap to up to 6 soap dispensers. Made from chromed brass with an anti-theft cover, the top feed design allows for easy refill without needing to remove the container from below the counter. Includes a 5-liter soap container and can be used with any Intersan electronic soap dispenser. The soap dispenser multifeed kit is ideal for heavy usage areas in industrial or commercial facilities. It’s simple and quick to install and helps restrooms stay clean and organized.

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