HSD20 Sanitizing Health Monitor

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses operate around the world. There’s a newfound emphasis on hygiene especially in spaces accessible to the public. In many areas, people are required to register their temperature and personal details for contact tracing before they can enter malls or shop for groceries. Installing the HSD20 sanitizing health monitor from AquaDesign can help your business improve hygiene and prevent disease transmission under the new normal.

Health Monitor Features and Benefits

Frequent handwashing with soap and water is still the best and simplest way to fight COVID and other diseases caused by harmful microorganisms. But many public places lack restrooms and washrooms and sometimes you just need something portable to clean your hands. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol) if soap and water are unavailable.

For business owners and facility managers, the HSD20 Sanitizing Health Monitor can be installed in multiple areas in the building to boost hygiene and ensure the safety of your customers, residents and patrons. Our touch-free thermometer and hand sanitizer combines two functions in one unit: digital temperature reading and hand sanitizer dispensing.

HSD20 Sanitizing Health Monitor

Digital Thermometer

The built-in digital thermometer is completely hands-free. Simply walk up to the unit and put your hand under the device. The device automatically scans your temperature, displays it on the screen and records it. An alarm will sound when an abnormal or high temperature is detected.

The digital thermometer does not require manual operation. Instead of having your staff manually scan the temperature of each customer who enters the building, they can focus on other duties while keeping everyone safe.

If the device detects temperature higher than normal, it sounds an alarm so you can take appropriate and further action.

Hand Sanitizer

The contactless hand sanitizer feature dispenses sanitizer when you place your hand under the device while simultaneously reading your temperature. Again, there’s no need for your staff to manually dispense hand sanitizer for each customer. Contact is reduced and social distancing is observed. Any alcohol-based liquid sanitizer can be used and the bottle is easy to refill. The device itself can be mounted on the wall or on a tripod for flexibility.

AquaDesign HSD20 Sanitizing Health Monitor

AquaDesign manufacturing offers modern, high-quality and hygienic bathroom fixtures for commercial and private settings. Our HSD20 sanitizing health monitor is an essential tool in the post-COVID era, providing the ultimate in safety and convenience. The HSD20 is Ideal for use in schools, daycare and child care facilities, hospitals, clinics, waiting rooms, hotels, restaurants, airports, bus and rail terminals, offices, and shops.

HSD20 Hand Sanitizer and Digital Temperature Scanner

The HSD20 hand sanitizer and temperature scanner combines automatic temperature scanning features with hand sanitizer dispensing into one convenient device. The HSD20 can be mounted on the wall or on a tripod for use in building access points or entrances. Ideal for commercial and public establishments, the HSD20 focuses on safety and infection control.

When users place their hands under the device, it measures body temperature automatically and displays it on the readout while dispensing a shot of hand sanitizer. When the scanner detects temperature that is higher than normal, a red LED light will flash to warn that more testing is needed.

The hand sanitizer (sold separately) has a reservoir capacity of 1 liter with 1330 shots per container (0.75 ml per shot). Working temperature of the digital thermometer is 50°F-104°F (59°F-95°F recommended) and measuring range is 32°F-122°F.


The HSD20 is a compact unit that is completely touch free. From a safe distance, staff can monitor the temperature of everyone who enters the establishment without needing to hold a scanner close to people’s faces.

Simply place your hand under the device to get a temperature reading. The alarm feature alerts staff and supervisors when a temperature reading is abnormal so they can take appropriate action. Meanwhile, the hand sanitizer dispenses the right amount of liquid or gel to ensure that customers’ hands are clean.

The HSD20 sanitizing health monitor encourages hand hygiene and reduces infection. However, the device is not intended to be used to diagnose conditions or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. In case of an alarm due to high temperature, consult a healthcare professional for diagnosis and further action. Body temperature may need to be measured again in this case.

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