Infection Control in Bathrooms

Infection control in bathrooms is more important than ever during the pandemic, especially for bathrooms open to the public. Many governments and businesses all over the world have increased hygiene standards in restrooms and other areas to help prevent disease transmission.

Hand hygiene is a critical part of precautionary standards set by organizations like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States. In fact, hand hygiene is one of the single most important practices to reduce the transmission of disease-causing microbes.

Hand hygiene includes handwashing with water and soap and the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Proper hand hygiene practices are associated with a decrease in the incidence of certain infections not just in ICUs (intensive care units) but also publicly accessible spaces.

Facilities managers and business owners are responsible for keeping restrooms clean and safe for everyone. Careful space planning and installation of ADA compliant and well-designed bathroom elements encourage people to clean their hands frequently and keep public spaces clean for others.

Facilities and Environment for Infection Control in Bathrooms

One study of 55 public washrooms found that most can act as reservoirs of drug-resistant bacteria, with many bacteria isolated on internal door handles, hand dryers, paper towels, and paper towel dispensers. This is unsurprising considering the warm, humid environment in restrooms and the less than ideal cleaning schedules.

Improving hand hygiene in publicly accessible bathrooms can go a long way in protecting yourself and your customers from disease. This can be accomplished in many ways. Frequent cleaning can drastically reduce bacteria on surfaces and fixtures, as well as planning the layout so that trash bins are not too close to hand dryers and sanitizers.

Another way to improve hygiene is to install bathroom elements and fixtures that are easy to clean and maintain. Some bathroom fixtures come with antimicrobial solid surfaces that neutralize bacteria. A continuous surface means no nooks or crannies where bacteria can hide and multiply.

Infection Control in Bathrooms: How AquaDesign Can Help

AquaDesign offers beautiful, durable, and low-maintenance bathroom fixtures and elements that fight microbial growth and biofilm buildup. Fixtures include seamless sink systems and lavatories, shower stalls and toilets with antimicrobial solid surfaces, and innovative accessories that keep users safe. Most of our products feature single piece solid surface construction, ligature and vandal-resistant parts, stainless-steel materials, and other elements that help reduce maintenance.

Behavioral Healthcare Products

AquaDesign understands the need for specialized healthcare products as global populations live longer and longer. Our innovative line of bathroom fixtures meets those needs as well as compliance requirements for accessibility. Combined with antimicrobial features, AquaDesign behavioral healthcare products improve hygiene and ensure the health and safety of users.

Healthcare settings often have stark and utilitarian elements, but it does not have to be so. AquaDesign manufactures modern and beautiful fixtures that turns healthcare settings into inviting spaces where patients are at ease, while also maintaining very high hygiene standards to control infection.

Shower Stalls

AquaDesign meets behavioral shower fixture needs with innovative solutions such as solid surface poured pans, quick connect hand showers, ligature resistant shower heads, Crocodile Roll Resistant (CCR) drains, and sensor shower controls. AquaDesign provides ADA compliant shower stalls that can be customized to fit any layout.

Lavatory Systems

Our advanced lavatory systems not only look good, they are also easy to clean and maintain. Many units feature antimicrobial agents throughout the surface and seamless designs that minimize areas where germs can hide. When in contact with moisture, the surface releases antimicrobial ions to neutralize germs.

Some lavatory systems can be custom made to fit any layout and give designers and architects maximum freedom when planning the space. Most fixtures can be made in any of the 25 colors to match existing layouts and keep a coherent design. We provide ADA compliant faucets and standalone sinks, alcove sinks, and modular sink units with antimicrobial surfaces.


AquaDesign solid surface water closets eliminate bacteria and are easy to clean and maintain. They look great in any space and are extremely durable. Solid surface water closets combined with electronic water management systems improve hygiene, save energy and resources, and allow facilities managers to control functions remotely.


AquaDesign accessories are beautiful, elegant, and similar to accessories you would find in residential or commercial settings. Mirrors, shelving units, coat hooks, grab bars, handrails, access panels and toilet roll holders are thoughtfully designed with modern materials to keep patients safe and minimize the risk of self-harm. Most products feature solid surface construction for infection control and easy maintenance.

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