Infection Control Sinks

Infection control sinks can significantly optimize hygiene and reduce maintenance in healthcare settings and other areas with higher than normal hygiene requirements. Sinks with antimicrobial surfaces and no grooves prevent the buildup of dirt and microorganisms, while antimicrobial surfaces kill germs upon contact with water.

Lavatories are often made of stainless-steel material that can look very institutional and ugly. AquaDesign infection control sinks offer a warm solid surface finish for a home-like feel that can put patients at ease, helping caregivers do their jobs more effectively.

Test results show that AquaDesign sinks with antimicrobial Solidguard surfaces effectively reduced E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus populations. The positively-charged antimicrobial ions on the surface of the sink and lavatory system attracts negatively-charged microbes, causing the cell wall to burst and kill the organism. Solidguard satisfies the most stringent health requirements of any institution. It is also registered with the EPA and approved by the FDA.

Infection Control Sinks: Healthcare Lavatories

Saniwave Rx

The Saniwave Rx sinks are hand washing stations that provide complete client safety and hold up to years of heavy use. The European-style sinks feature AquaDesign’s proprietary antimicrobial solid surface.

Saniwave PRSD (Patient Room Lavatory)

The Saniwave PRSD sink and skirt is ideal for patient rooms and healthcare bathrooms. The seamless design, single piece cast, and antimicrobial coating ensure that no dirt or bacteria will accumulate on the surface. Tough and beautiful, the PRSD comes with a 5-year warranty on material and faucets.

The sink and skirt are made from antimicrobial Solidguard, a composite material that is easy to clean, resistant to stains and burns, and available in 25 colors. It is present on the surface and the inside of the material and will not scratch off. The unit is equipped with heavy gauge steel mounting brackets, one chromed 1 ½” brass grid strainer, drain cover, stainless steel access pane, tail piece and P-trap.

Two AquaDesign healthcare faucets are recommended for the unit: the U270310 and the U270320. The U270310 has a high spout and smooth interior to prevent dirt and bacteria buildup and an 8.5” handle for activation. The U270320 comes with a disposable spout and a swiveling 8.5” long handle for activation.

Spout options include stainless steel (two spouts that allow for one spout to be sterilized while the other is in use), filtered (point-of-use filter that is resistant to thermal and chemical flushes), and disposable (plastic spout with a smooth interior and laminar outlet).

Saniwave ICSD (Infection Control Lavatory)

The Saniwave ICSD lavatory is similar to the PRSD but comes with a taller wraparound apron to optimize hygiene and infection control. The unit is made from a seamless antimicrobial solid surface to prevent bacterial growth and dirt buildup. The material is resistant to stains and burns, will not dissipate, and cleans easily with common household cleaners or fine grit sandpaper.

The bowl and skirt come with a stainless-steel plate that encloses the fixture from the bottom. The unit is equipped with steel support brackets, stainless steel access panel, tail piece, and P-trap. AquaDesign recommends the U270310 and U270320 healthcare faucets to optimize infection control and cleanliness.

Behavioral Lavatories and Infection Control

Intersan’s behavioral lavatories feature ligature-resistant material made from antimicrobial solid surface. The stylish units can stand up to years of heavy use while providing complete client safety.

ALSA 180

The ALSA 180 wash basin is designed for through the wall installation. Molded from a single piece solid surface material that is ligature and vandal resistant, the unit Includes an integral faucet head and hidden activations (infrared sensor or piezo touch buttons).

Saniwave LRHD

The Saniwave LRHD features an antimicrobial solid surface that is stain and burn resistant and won’t scratch off. Easy to clean and water efficient, the unit can be activated by infrared sensor or piezo touch buttons.

Saniwave LRSD

Like the LRHD, the LRSD is a seamless sink with an antimicrobial solid surface that is easy to clean and maintain.


The WHB200 wash basin is designed for through the wall installation. Cast from a single piece solid surface, the unit includes an integral faucet head. It is ligature and vandal resistant and comes with hidden activations. The WHB200 is extremely tough and durable and recommended for high security healthcare settings.

Streamlav Wing

The Streamlav Wing is a modern and stylish lavatory system for one and two users. The antimicrobial solid surface stops bacterial growth and accumulation. Install in an alcove or against two perpendicular walls to maximize ligature resistance.

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