Plumbing Fixtures made from Anti-Bacterial Materials

When building a restroom that is accessible to the public, designers and contractors turn to local building codes as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Depending on the type of facility, infection control and high hygiene standards may also be key considerations. In this case, the use of plumbing fixtures made from antibacterial materials will improve overall hygiene and reduce maintenance.

Public bathrooms can be breeding grounds for disease-causing microbes. Disease outbreaks like uncontrolled norovirus can shut down an entire hospital or healthcare facility. Restrooms in these settings should be planned with infection control in mind, not just by installing antimicrobial fixtures, but through careful space planning. For example, trash bins should be sealed and placed not too close to hand dryers or wash basins. Touching of door handles, taps, and buttons should be minimized as much as possible.

Choosing Plumbing Fixtures Made from Antibacterial Materials

The installation of antibacterial plumbing fixtures can drastically improve hygiene in all publicly accessible spaces. Plumbing fixtures for restrooms include toilet, sinks, lavatories, faucets, and accessories like mirrors, grab bars, soap dispensers, and hand dryers.

The minimum number of plumbing fixtures required for a space depends on the number of users. A bathroom for up to 25 people must have one toilet each for male and female users. In addition, ADA guidelines require at least one ADA bathroom per gender.

Antibacterial materials are becoming the standard for plumbing fixtures especially now that businesses and offices are focusing on infection control. Even without a global pandemic, plumbing fixtures made from antibacterial materials can reduce maintenance costs and encourage overall hygiene. They also make business sense to invest in because clean, well-maintained fixtures attract more people to your establishment.

AquaDesign Plumbing Fixtures Made from Antibacterial Materials

Most AquaDesign solid surface plumbing fixtures come with a proprietary antibacterial additive that has been proven to reduce harmful bacteria like E. Coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The antimicrobial agent is activated upon contact with moisture, releasing ions that effectively kill bacteria by disrupting their electrical balance.

Positively-charged antibacterial agents attract negatively-charged germs, causing their cell walls to rupture. Our antibacterial agent meets the highest hygiene requirements, is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


AquaDesign solid surface water closets are aesthetically pleasing, extremely durable, and easy to maintain. Solid surfaces combined with electronic water management give managers complete control over the suites.

Sinks and Lavatories

Most of AquaDesign’s lavatory systems feature antimicrobial agents poured throughout the surface in addition to seamless designs that prevent the buildup of dirt and bacteria. The antimicrobial agent is present in both the inside and outside of the material and won’t scratch off even with heavy abuse. Upon contact with moisture, antimicrobial ions are released to neutralize bacteria.


Faucet handles and levers/push buttons are often riddled with germs. A sensor faucet allows for completely touch free activation and minimizes the risk of cross contamination. AquaDesign provides electronic faucets as well as traditional faucets with disposable or fixed spouts to improve infection control.

All our faucets are equipped with nozzles that are water efficient to reduce waste and costs. Sensor faucets only use water as long as your hands are in the detection range. This means that water only flows when the user is present.

Shower Fixtures

Our shower fixtures feature solid surface construction, one piece poured pans, ligature resistant parts, and durable stainless-steel drains that hold up to any abuse. Smooth surfaces and antimicrobial agents prevent the growth and accumulation of bacteria.

Shower Systems

AquaDesign offers different shower systems for commercial and public facilities. Our custom poured solid surface shower comes in many different colors and is made from antimicrobial solid surface. This helps prevent the spread of infectious disease such as athlete’s foot. Pans come in multiple sizes and shapes. Combined with electronic shower controls and panels, antimicrobial shower systems are ideal for hospitals, schools, hotels and other commercial facilities.

AquaDesign also provides shower systems designed for healthcare environments. Filtered
shower heads are ideal for oncology and burn units where the risk of infection needs to be reduced. Flexible shower arms allow comfortable showering for patients and caregivers as well as reduction in maintenance costs due to less handheld shower breakages.


Plumbing fixture accessories made from antibacterial materials complete a hygienic restroom design. AquaDesign manufactures beautiful and modern accessories that adds a touch of home to institutional facilities while maintaining very high hygiene standards and keeping patients safe. Most units feature solid surface construction and antibacterial agents.

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