Restrooms with Antimicrobial Fixtures

Hygiene remains in the spotlight as the world fights the novel coronavirus pandemic. Measures like social distancing and hand hygiene (both handwashing and the use of alcohol-based sanitizers) are the most effective ways to reduce the risk of disease transmission. While many people around the world are still confined to their homes, a lot of us are outside using public facilities like train stations, hospitals, grocery stores, and restrooms. Learn more about how restrooms with antimicrobial fixtures can help reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Restrooms, with their warm temperatures and humid air, are the ideal environment for disease-causing pathogens. Throw in infrequent cleaning schedules and grimy surfaces and you have the perfect recipe for infectious illnesses. Antibiotic-resistant microbes as well as fungi, mold and mildew can live on surfaces for several days. Installing bacterial resistant fixtures for restrooms can greatly reduce pathogens on surfaces and improve safety.

Antimicrobial solid surface fixtures for restrooms are recommended for optimal hygiene. A solid surface means that seams are nonexistent or difficult to detect. Without seams, crevices or grooves, bacteria can’t grow and multiply. Antimicrobial solid surface fixtures for restrooms include sinks and lavatories, toilets, water closets, bathtubs, shower systems, shelves, and accessories.

Choosing Antimicrobial Fixtures for Restrooms

Restrooms accessible to the public must be carefully planned if infection control is a top priority. When choosing bacterial resistant fixtures for restrooms, look for the words ‘solid surface,’ ‘seamless’ and ‘antimicrobial.’ Antimicrobial solid surface fixtures are usually poured from a single piece with a broad-spectrum germ-killing agent added to the composite material.

AquaDesign manufactures bacterial resistant fixtures for restrooms. Most of our products feature an antimicrobial solid surface that is proven effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms. Our bathroom fixtures are modern, extremely durable, and low-maintenance. Available in ADA-compliant models, a variety of colors and customizable units, AquaDesign bathroom fixtures improve not just hygiene but the overall look and feel of any space.

Saniwave Rx

The Saniwave Rx series (ICSD infection control lavatory, LRSD and LRHD behavioral healthcare lavatories, and PRSD patient room lavatory) is made from antimicrobial solid surface material that is resistant to stains and burns. The bowl and skirt are seamless and molded in one piece to prevent the growth and accumulation of bacteria. The antimicrobial agent is present in the inside and the outside of the material and won’t scratch off.

The units can be supplied with any of AquaDesign’s faucets. Two healthcare faucets are recommended for the ICSD and PRSD models: the U270310 faucet with a high spout and smooth interior to help prevent the build-up of bacteria, or the U270320 faucet with a disposable spout. Spout options include stainless steel, disposable plastic with smooth interiors and a laminar outlet, and a filtered spout that functions as a point-of-use filter.


The Solidwave combines antimicrobial solid surface and stainless steel with individual bowls for each user. The ADA-compliant unit is fully pre-plumbed and comes with a single set of drain and supplies. Available in one, two, three, and four-user configurations.


The ADA-compliant Streamlav is a contemporary yet affordable lavatory system featuring clean lines and continuous bowls. Units are made from antimicrobial solid surface and available in one, two, three, and four-user models. The Streamlav is designed to accommodate faucets and soap dispensers.

Saniwave and Modus

The Saniwave and Modus are AquaDesign’s fully modular lavatory systems made of antimicrobial solid surface. They can be installed as individual hand wash stations or in ranges. The connecting shelves allow the fixtures to look completely seamless and continuous.

Shower Systems

The ClevaCare Shower is designed to make showering a pleasant experience for immobile individuals and their caregivers. The shower is hygienic and reduces the risk of cross contamination due to backflow, as the hose is unable to be left in high risk areas. Fits all shower sizes from 36” x 36” stalls to 94” ceiling heights.

Antimicrobial Accessories

Intersan Recessed Shelf

The LRIWS shelf is a hygienic recessed shelf made from antimicrobial solid surface. It is ligature and vandal resistant, low maintenance, and extremely durable, making it ideal for installation in behavioral healthcare facilities.

Flotronic Shower Pans

Flotronic shower pans are made from antimicrobial solid surface that is stain and burn resistant. The pans are available in 12 colors and multiple sizes to fit any shower layout. The unit can be supplied with an optional anti-ligature drain.

Restrooms with Antimicrobial Fixtures

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