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AquaDesign, headquartered in Phoenix Arizona is a premier producer and provider of commercial lavatories and behavioral health fixtures which feature modern and clean lines, smooth surfaces, and an array of user configurations

Our history began in 1984 when the Belgian company Intersan Manufacturing opened an assembly and sales office in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 2015, Intersan became a leading force in the behavioral health space by forming partnerships with two international behavioral health manufacturers: Galvin Engineering out of Australia for a complete patient shower components solution and Wallgate Ltd. Out of the United Kingdom for electronic water management and solid surface fixtures and accessories.

In 2019, the management group AquaDesign acquired the North American operations of Intersan and has grown the operations to design and manufacture a wide array of solid surface lavatory fixtures, assemble and fulfill a multitude of stainless-steel handwashing fixtures and wash fountains, and develop and design behavioral health solutions.

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