Sensor Faucet without the Attitude

  • Sometimes it is really that simple: you want a reliable sensor faucet without the whistles and bells at an affordable price.
  • AquaDesign's Line12 faucet is just that. Backed with a 2 year warranty, the faucet delivers when it needs to. The faucet has a water use of 0.5 gpm and is certified lead free. It comes standard with a 4" deck plate to make your retrofits easier. Powered by transformer or batteries, this faucet is a workhorse.

Your customers, students, patrons and employees expect a handwashing experience that makes them feel safe. The Line12 does just that without breaking the bank.




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Measuring Body Temperature and Dispensing Hand Sanitizer

AquaDesign's HSD20 hand sanitizer dispenser is so much more than meets the eye. The HSD20 is designed for a new era where safety and control of infections has become paramount.

When the user places their hands under the dispenser their body temperature is measured automatically and displayed on the digital readout. Simultaneously a shot of hand sanitizer is dispensed. An abnormal body temperature will trigger a red flashing LED indicating more thorough testing is needed.

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Hand Washing

  • With the outbreak of COVID-19, washing your hands can literally save lives
  • If there is one thing all the experts agree on, it's that hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the corona virus.
  • For Hand Washing Week last December we published an article on hand washing. Now more relevant than ever, we decided to publish the article again.
  • All of us at AquaDesign have taken many steps to keep supplying you with hands free handwashing products and anti-microbial lavatory systems during this crisis.
  • Our handwashing specialists are ready to assist you in choosing the right fixture to keep you, your customers and your employees safe.

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