Solidwave Original

Single User

Double User

Three User


The Solidwave is a uniquely designed lavatory system that offers functionality and aesthetics through the combination of solid surface and stainless steel. The Solidwave has soft rounded shapes for user comfort and offers an ideal design solution for the public washroom.

The Solidwave has a smooth, non-porous surface, and is formulated with AquaDesign’s antimicrobial agent providing optimal hygiene and easy maintenance.

The Solidwave is available for one to three users, either with a stainless steel spray head or with one of AquaDesign’s many faucet options.

Because of its special concept and its compact design, the Solidwave is completely pre-plumbed and pre-assembled and requires only one set of supplies and one drain.

The Solidwave is fully modular, i.e. that units can be built in ranges while access paneling is fixed to adjacent frames in an uninterrupted continuous and flowing line.