Omnia Wash and Dry Unit


Omnia Hand Dryer and Water-Soap Faucet


The All-In-One Omnia faucet system is an elegant and European-designed touch-free automatic countertop mounted soap, water, and hand drying solution perfect for any high-traffic restroom. It is designed to avoid splashed water near the sink area, save space, and be highly-efficient for users when cleaning up in a restroom.
The Omnia All-in-One faucet system is eco-friendly and produces a cost-savings margin of more than 73% compared to similar solutions on the market.
The electric hand dryer designed to work with the system has an adjustable power motor that regulates energy consumption (between 390 and 1,050W) and provides a maximum air output speed of 200 mph that dries your hands between 10-15 seconds.
With a HEPA filter media as well as Ion Hygienic Technology to stop the spread of harmful bacteria in the air, this will be sure to dry hands in the most hygienic way possible.